Photo - 3dcoattextura 2024.12 - Pilgway
3DCoatTextura 2024.12
  • Layers Masks + Clipping Masks have been implemented similar to and compatible with Photoshop’s. It even works with Vertex Paint, VerTexture (Factures) and Voxel Paint!
  • Ongoing & Incremental UI Improvements continue with various efforts to improve the visual appearance (with better Font readability, spacing, and customization), plus helpful new features added to the UI.
  • Python projects with multiple modules supported.
  • Blender 4 support improved via updated AppLink.
  • AI Assistant (3DCoat's specialized Chat GPT) introduced and the UI color scheme toggle placed into the start menu.
  • The View Gizmo introduced. It can be turned off in settings.
  • UV management over Python/C++ substantially improved
  • Layers now have a Texture Map preview thumbnail (similar to Photoshop and other applications)
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Photo - 3dcoattextura 2023.10 - Pilgway
3DCoatTextura 2023.10
  • Power Smooth tool was added. it is a Super-powerful, valence/density independent, screen-based color smoothing tool. 
  • The Color Picker improved.  Multi-select when you add images. Hexadecimal color string (#RRGGBB), possibility to edit color in hex form or just enter color name.
  • Auto UV Mapping. Each topologically connective object now unwrapped separately in its own, best suitable local space. It leads to more accurate unwrapping of assembled hard-surface objects. The quality of auto-mapping improved substantially, much fewer islands created, much lower length of seams, better fitting over the texture.
  • Render. Render turntables improved essentially - better quality, convenient options set, possibility to render turntables with high resolution even if the screen resolution is lower.
  • ACES Tone Mapping. ACES tone mapping introduced, which is a standard Tone Mapping feature in popular game engines. This allows more fidelity between the appearance of the asset in 3DCoat’s viewport and the game engine’s viewport, once exported.
  • UI improvements
  • Blender Applink. Blender applink essentially updated. The direct transfer of 3DCoatTextura to Blender works using the File to Open ... in Blender, it creates nodes for Per Pixel Painting.



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Photo - 3dcoattextura 2021.01 - Pilgway
3DCoatTextura 2021.01
  • Smart materials may accept normal maps as displacement, it will be auto-converted to displacement map
  • Much more lightweight, faster loading
  • Overall sped-up
  • Essential renderer update
  • Support of 4K monitors
  • Unlimited learning mode introduced
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