What is 3DCoatTextura? Is it for me?

As the title says 3DCoatTextura is for 3D Painting/Texturing and Rendering. Everything you need for this purpose is right at your hands. If you don't sculpt, model or retopo & UV-ing, and you only focusing on 3D Painting/Texturing - 3DCoatTextura is your choiсe

Is 3DCoatTextura any different from 3DCoat Paint room?

3DCoatTextura consists of two 3DCoat rooms - Paint room and Render room and has all their features at a more affordable price. 

I subscribed to 3DCoatTextura, may I upgrade to 3DCoat with a discount?

If you have a Subscription plan with 3DCoatTextura, there is no direct upgrade to 3DCoat from there. So you should unsubscribe and get a new subscription to 3DCoat. However, if you own a Permanent license for 3DCoatTextura, you can purchase the upgrade from 3DCoatTextura to 3DCoat, which costs the difference between the two programs. Visit the Upgrade section in our Store for more details. You can make as well this upgrade with the Rent-to-Own option. Please see UPGRADE FROM 3DCOATTEXTURA TO 3DCOAT FOR INDIVIDUALS and UPGRADE FROM 3DCOATTEXTURA TO 3DCOAT FOR COMPANIES for more details.

Will I have access to the Scanned Smart Materials collection?

Yes, you will have complete access to the full collection of Smart Materials found in our Free Smart Materials Library. Each month you will have 120 units, which you can spend on smart materials, samples, masks and reliefs. The remaining units do not transfer to the following months. On the first day of each month, you will again receive 120 units for free.

What is the minimal system specs should I have to run 3DCoatTextura?

Please visit the dedicated page for checking if your PC / Laptop / Mac meets the requirements.

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