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Hi friends,


We thank you for your interest in 3DCoat, for your support of us in any manner. Without your interest and support there would be neither 3DCoat nor our company.


Please, don’t take us as nerds, but we would like to share with you what we believe is important and what lies beyond the plain business relationships.


When we came to understanding that 3DCoat is getting more and more popular and now is used in many major world game studios and more than 150 universities and schools we asked ourselves - what is our responsibility as creators? 


It was a serious question for us – we understand that our children of different ages play video games created with the help of our own software as well. We would like them to learn kindness, compassion, and purity. We would sincerely want them to play educational, positive, and family games, as well as watch similar video content. There is such a lack of it these days. After a lot of internal discussions, we decided to make a Modding tool just to help players open the world of 3D modeling with the hope to replace gaming with creation.  We are partners with you. Let’s create such products which our children could play with and watch! We reap what we sow in this life. Let’s sow the kind in our life and in life of our children! 


We would be really happy if 3DCoat could be used to create beautiful works of art to inspire and bring joy, and not provoke hatred, violence, aggression to people, wizardry, witchcraft, addiction, or carnality. We have many сhristians in the team, so this question is especially sharp for us because we know that God's law treats hatred as murder and infidelity in mind as real adultery, and the consequences of our sins can influence our whole life. 


We are worried about the fate of a society in which depravity and violence are often the norms. Can we change anything?


As the creators of 3DCoat, we ask you to use 3DCoat with responsibility - how it influences other people, our and your children, and the whole society? If you suspect that your product can be harmful to people in any sense (or you wouldn't want your children to use it) we ask you to abstain from it. Let us endeavor to use our creativity to better our children and the people around! We understand this request can cause lower sales, but our conscience demands it of us. We can not (and don't want and are not going to) control your activity (our EULA do not have such limitations). This is our appeal and not a legal demand. 


Of course, such a position could provoke many questions – and one of them would be – does God exist at all? 


We personally saw or heard supernatural events or healings as answers to prayers in our lives or in the lives of our friends or other people. Some of them were miracles.


Three guys from our team are professional physicists. Andrew, the Lead Developer of 3DCoat wrote an article on quantum electrodynamics when in his fourth year of studies. He graduated in Theoretical Physics which helped on multiple occasions with the program development, in particular when creating the auto-retopology (AUTOPO) algorithm. Stas, Financial Director, also graduated from the Physics department together with Andrew, then became a PhD in Theor. Physics. Vladimir, our Web Developer also graduated from the Physics Department in Astronomy.  Many famous scientists considered that science and God's existence do not contradict each other. Science answers the question "How?", and the Bible answers the question "Why?". If I throw a stone, it will fly along the given trajectory. Physics explains how it is going to fly. But Why? That question is beyond the science – because I threw it.  The same with the Universe.  It is fascinating to know that one of the most popular articles ever in the Wall Street Journal online is “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God”.


Also, the variety of extremely complex living beings from amoeba to humans instigates a thought about the Creator’s existence – if you found a watch in the desert, someone had created it. 


Life is not an easy thing, you know. We do good and we do bad. When we do bad we feel that in conscience. And it’s hard to live with bad feelings inside and without the answer to basic human questions like where I am from, and what will be after death..? If I feel bad for my actions in my soul, and if my soul really exists (many people see their bodies in clinical death) it is reasonable to believe that I will feel the same after the death, and if I do nothing the Bible says even worse…


New Testament states that God is a Spirit and I am a spirit too, living in the body. But I am similar to a branch cut off from a tree. There are some leaves but it is actually dead. On the one side, there is some life inside, but on the other, I am dead spiritually. All my good actions do not matter here as they are like some leaves on the cut-off branch. Our sins make our soul dead inside. There is no connection with God, like for the blind there is no sun, we are like a turned-off cell phone.


God must be just if He is God. Sin separates us from God, and only He lives forever and He is the source of life. If this connection with God is not renewed, then the Bible says that the just punishment for sin is eternal death. This is the logical consequence if we ourselves do not want to live with Him. Just like a fish cannot live long out of the water.


Christ was crucified for all our sins. God's wrath was poured upon His Holy Son and all our sins were destroyed. When it is done, Jesus was risen by Father and He is risen now and has the right to justify us. Forgiveness is open now and God offers it to us. But it is my decision to take it. It is still open, but how I can get that? How I can perceive it? How I can feel it? How I can know it’s real? Only, If I repent, ask, and believe: "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out...  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life "


You may say for instance simple words: "Jesus, please forgive all my sins. Come into my heart and live there and be my Saviour. Amen" or pray as you want.


When you sincerely repent of your sins (confess them, forsake (or turn away) from them) and ask forgiveness and help - then imagine how God transferred all of them on crucified Christ and His death eliminated them, turned them to light. His blood is the seal of your forgiveness. Only light remained. And then believe in Christ as your Saviour. You may do that alone and you will feel that even better if you will pray/confess with somebody else. Even if you feel nothing now, seek Him with all your heart, read the New Testament (you may download a free multi-language Bible for your phone here), go to the church and you will find. If you will believe in Christ then be baptized as a seal of the faith.


If I give myself to Him I return to the origin of life like grafted to a tree branch. Then Holy Spirit dwells in me and gives me new life like juice from the tree. I began to feel something new: grace and joy as the atmosphere of paradise. And that life is eternal as God is eternal. 


Otherwise, I will remain alone and will perish like a dead limb and will go to hell and then see Jesus as Judge, who proposed me amnesty but I refused. That’s all. "Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life."  As well if you want to get rid of any dependence (drugs, alcohol, games, sexual) or you have any serious disease, tell Jesus Christ that you are unable to solve the problem and ask Him seriously at the place where you are now.


We urge you to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ as soon as possible. Find a good church where the Bible is clearly preached and be baptized as a sign of your sincere repentance. May the Lord help you in this!


In some sense, we felt the grace of God when repented of our sins and that grace continues to support us in life. And we are happy with that now. That’s true. And we would be happy if you may feel that as well!


If you have questions about faith, please send us an email at .


Pilgway studio coworkers who support this voice:

Stanislav Chernyshuk, Volodymyr Popelnukh, Vitaliy Volokh


If you are interested, you may read the personal story of Andrew Shpagin here (Andrew Shpagin does not support this voice).

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