All described below relates to 3DCoat 2021 and later versions (3DCoat 2022, ...).


If you are a student looking to learn 3DCoat and obtaining a license, we have several options to offer:


FREE 3DCOAT 2021 > If your School/University has an active 3DCoat 2021 Subscription with us, you can get your personal 3DCoat Student license for free. Contact your School/University administration to check on the 3DCoat Academic Program status.


SUBSCRIPTION/RENT > If your School/University does not have an active 3DCoat 2021 Subscription with us, you can get your personal 3DCoat Student license at a very discounted rate. We offer a special monthly subscription plan and 1-year rent for students. Pay as low as €4,85 a month or €44,85 a year to get unlimited access to 3DCoat. Fill out our form for students to request this special pricing. Automated recurrent payments will apply every month until you unsubscribe. If you choose a 1-year rent option, you will make only One payment, no recurrent payments in a year and later. Subscription and rent give you a number of advantages, such as no big upfront payment, continuous program updates, and no maintenance limitation – keep your 3DCoat always up-to-date.


Your license is platform-independent: apply your serial key under any OS type supported: Windows, Mac OS or Linux


Your license may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever.


Use on two computers allowed: you are allowed to install the program on two computers under the same serial key. In that case, make sure to run the program at alternate times on those machines, so your application's work isn’t blocked!



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