It’s a subscription plan of 7 continuous monthly payments of 21.6 Euros each. The payment occurs automatically on monthly basis. With the final (7th) payment you get a permanent license. Each monthly payment from 1st to 6th  adds 2 months of license rent to your account. If you cancel your subscription at this time, you lose a chance to get a permanent license, but will retain the remaining months of program rent. For example, if you cancel after N-th payment (N from 1 to 6) you have this month plus N months of rent remaining after the date of the last payment. Once the 7th installment is paid, your rent plan is disabled and changes to a permanent unlimited license. You also get 12 months of Free Upgrades (starting from the date of the last 7th payment). No further payments will be charged thereafter. 

Note: the Rent-To-Own plan is an Individual personal license, with Commercial use allowed. 

The subsequent upgrade will cost 40 Euros in the second year after the 7-th payment (from month 13+ following the 7-th payment) or 80 Euros starting from the third year and later after the 7-th payment (from month 25+ following the 7-th payment) with another 12 months of free updates included.(Optional, see more)


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