You can make an upgrade from 3DCoatTextura to 3DCoat only if you have a permanent 3DCoatTextura Individual license.

In this case, if you are an individual looking to obtain a 3DCoat Individual permanent license, choose between two possible solutions we have for you:


ONE TIME PAYMENT UPGRADE > You can make a one-time-payment upgrade from 3DCoatTextura to 3DCoat at the price which is a difference between regular prices for 3DCoat and 3DCoatTextura for individuals. Pay once and get a permanent 3DCoat license that you can use as long as you wish. With the purchase, you get 12 months of free program updates. Following those 12 months, you can buy the upgrade to the latest version according to the LICENSE UPGRADES POLICY FOR 3DCOAT AND 3DCOATTEXTURA in the menu on the left.


RENT-TO-OWN UPGRADE>This option is called the Rent-to-Own plan and is designed for individuals, who are looking to own a permanent 3DCoat license, but prefer to use the program now and to pay for it in installments, as opposed to one upfront payment. Pay for your license in 8 continuous monthly installments to own a permanent license. All payments are based on the monthly subscription model with 8 payments in total. After each payment, you receive two months of rent on 3DCoat


You may cancel your subscription at any time but in this case, you lose the possibility to obtain a permanent 3DCoat license. If you cancel your Rent-to-Own plan after N (N means from 1 to 7) payments you receive N months of 3DCoat rent left following the month of the last payment and lose a chance to obtain a 3DCoat permanent license. This means that you simply bought the rent of 3Dcoat for 2*N months. 

If you have completed your Rent-to-Own plan and have successfully made 7 monthly payments, you will automatically receive the permanent license with the concluding 8th payment, and the rest of your rent will be disabled. With the final 8th payment you will be given a permanent license instead, with the ownership assigned to your account accordingly, so you can continue using it as long as you wish. You will also receive a confirmation email with the licensing info that you can apply to the program and continue using it on a permanent basis. The rest of your 3DCoat rent (7 months) will be disabled as you will receive a permanent 3DCoat license instead with 12 months of Free Updates included, starting from the date of the final 8th payment. Following those 12 months, you can buy the upgrade to the latest version according to the LICENSE UPGRADES POLICY FOR 3DCOAT AND 3DCOATTEXTURA in the menu on the left.


NOTE:With the Rent-to-Own plan you lose nothing even if you cancel the subscription. If you cancel the plan, this means you just bought the rent for the appropriate number of months. If you successfully completed the program and made 8 payments without breaks you received not only 7 months of rent during the Rent-to-Own plan but the permanent license of the program as well. This means that you actually bought the 7 months of rent plus a discounted permanent license. For instance, 3DCoat regular price is 379 Euros and the monthly subscription is 20.80 Euros, 3DCoatTextura regular price is 119 Euros and the regular upgrade price from 3DCoatTextura to 3DCoat is 260 Euros. For the whole Rent-to-Own program you pay 8*41.60=332.80 Euros and if we subtract 7-month rent when you actually can use 3DCoat we get 187.2 Euros for the 3DCoat permanent license! That is a 72.8 Euros discount in comparison to 260 Euros!




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