Can I set different print area dimentions?

Yes, just go to Edit -> Set Print Area.

What does 3DCoatPrint suit for?

3DCoatPrint as the title says was made to help you make ready-to-print 3d assets. Everything is commited to this only purpose. Please, note that you can't use 3d assets for other purposes than printing them.

Can I paint on my 3d models in 3DCoatPrint?

No, it's sculpting only. Still you can use different shaders for different parts.

My 3d printer comes with its software? Does 3DCoatPrint replace it?

3DCoatPrint's main goal is to make you able to create 3d assets that will fit your printer's area and will avoid any potential problems that may occur during the printing process. You might need to load the exported from 3DCoatPrint object to your 3d printer's software.

I have an inexpensive laptop. Is it enough to run 3DCoatPrint?

Most even inexpensive modern laptops with 4+ Gigs of RAM should be enough for most of the tasks because there is no need for super crazy high-res detailing for to-be-printed assets. lease also check our recommendations here.

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