Can I set various print area dimensions?

Yes, just go to Edit -> Set Print Area.

What 3DCoatPrint can help me with?

3DCoatPrint as the title says was designed to help you make print-ready 3D assets. Everything is commited to this purpose. Completely Free for Hobby or Commercial use if the 3D models you create are intended to be 3D-Printed. Other commercial use is not permitted, but you can use it for hobby.

Can I paint on my 3D models with 3DCoatPrint?

No, it's the Sculpting toolset only. However, you can use various shaders for different parts.

My 3D printer comes with its own software. Does 3DCoatPrint replace it?

3DCoatPrint's main goal is to enable you to create 3D assets that will fit your printer's area and to ensure you avoid any potential problems that may occur throughout the printing process. You might need to load the object exported from 3DCoatPrint to your native 3D printer's software.

I have an inexpensive laptop. Is it enough to run 3DCoatPrint?

In most cases modern laptops with at least 4 Gigs of RAM should be enough to accomplish the majority of the tasks because there is no need for super crazy high-res detailing for the to-be-printed assets. Please, also check our recommendations here.

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