3DCoatScripting  4.8.31β
You can manage 3DСoat features with help of scripting
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCcoat::scripto::AABBClass for working with an axis aligned bounding box
oCcoat::scripto::AFormat< T >Abstract class for file of any format
oCcoat::scripto::AFormat< FormatDAE >
|\Ccoat::scripto::FormatDAEClass for working with data in the format DAE
oCcoat::scripto::AFormat< FormatFBX >
|\Ccoat::scripto::FormatFBXClass for working with data in the format FBX
oCcoat::scripto::AFormat< FormatOBJ >
|\Ccoat::scripto::FormatOBJClass for working with data in the format OBJ
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< T >Abstract mesh
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< T >For building concrete figures
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< Mesh >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshClass for working with polygon mesh which represents like any form
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshCapsule >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshCapsule >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshCone >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshCone >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshCuboid >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshCuboid >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshCylinder >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshCylinder >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshEllipsoid >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshEllipsoid >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshGear >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshGear >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshNGon >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshNGon >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshSphere >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshSphere >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshText >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshText >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshTorus >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshTorus >
oCcoat::scripto::AMesh< MeshTube >
|\Ccoat::scripto::MeshX< MeshTube >
oCcoat::scripto::AnglesClass for working with Euler angles: pitch, yaw, roll
oCcoat::scripto::AToolsBase class for any tools of app
|oCcoat::scripto::AToolsMeshBase class for transformation of mesh
|\Ccoat::scripto::ToolsXFor building a concrete tool
oCcoat::scripto::AWizardAbstract wizard
|oCcoat::scripto::WizardBuilder for wizards
|\Ccoat::scripto::WizardXFor building concrete wizard
oCcoat::scripto::BevelClass for create a bevel by the boolean operations with meshes
oCcoat::scripto::BuilderFixture for builds the primitives
oCcomms::cMeshContainerGeneral class for work with mesh
oCcoat::scripto::ColorClass for working with an RGBA-color
oCcoat::scripto::DebugGeneral access to debugging
oCcoat::scripto::DebugDrawAccess to debugging like viewport-output
oCcoat::scripto::DebugLogAccess to debugging like text-output
oCcoat::scripto::UI::DefaultDefault values for UI
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::FaceInfoInfo about face
oCcoat::scripto::FileClass for working with file of... any format, including a text and just binary
oCcoat::scripto::FormatBinaryClass for working with binary data
oCcoat::scripto::InnerDebuggerFor print a debug output to string
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::LayerInfoInfo about layer
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::LayerOnFaceRepresent a layer on face
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::LayerPointInfo about layer point
oCcoat::scripto::Line3Class for working with 3D-line
oCcoat::scripto::Lines3Class for working with 3D-lines
oCcoat::scripto::Mat3Class for working with matrix 3 x 3
oCcoat::scripto::Mat4Class for working with matrix 4 x 4
oCcomms::cMeshContainer::PlaneArgsSee GenPlane
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMeshClass for working with the 3DCoat's scene
oCcoat::scripto::QuatClass for working with quaternions
oCcoat::scripto::RegisterLikeNewWithObserve< T, A >Register an object for scripting with observe
oCcoat::scripto::RegisterLikeNewWithObserve< T, Mesh >
|\Ccoat::scripto::RegisterToolsMeshX< T >Register an abstract mesh tools for scripting with observe
oCcoat::scripto::RegisterLikeNewWithObserve< ToolsMesh, Mesh >
|\Ccoat::scripto::RegisterToolsMeshRegister a mesh tools for scripting with observe
oCcoat::scripto::RegisterLikeNewWithObserve< ToolsMeshTransform, Mesh >
|\Ccoat::scripto::RegisterToolsMeshX< ToolsMeshTransform >
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::RenderTargetRepresent a render target
oCcoat::scripto::Room< T >Abstract class for rooms
oCcoat::scripto::Room< PaintRoom >
oCcoat::scripto::Room< RetopoRoom >
|\Ccoat::scripto::RetopoRoomClass for work with retopology room
oCcoat::scripto::Room< SculptRoom >
|\Ccoat::scripto::SculptRoomClass for work with sculpting room
oCcoat::scripto::SafetyClass for stability works the complex classes
oCcoat::scripto::ScriptRunnerClass for prepare and execute a script
oCcoat::scripto::SculptLayerClass for work with sculpting layers
oCcoat::scripto::StateKeeperStore state by creating and restore it after destructing
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::SubObjectRepresent a subobject
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::SurfacePointRepresent a surface point
oCcoat::scripto::UIAccess to user interface
oCcoat::scripto::Vec2Class for working with Euclidean vectors in 2D-space
oCcoat::scripto::Vec3Class for working with Euclidean vectors in 3D-space
oCcoat::scripto::PolyMesh::VertexPosRepresent a vertex position
\Ccoat::scripto::PolyMesh::VertexUVRepresent a vertex of UV